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How do you charge the IIluminova flashlight?

All flashlights come with a USB-C charging cable. A power adaptor is required, otherwise you can use the provided USB-C cable on your computer or other charging devices.

How long does the battery last?

The device has a 350 mAh battery with a max runtime that depends on the light mode operation. On its lowest setting, the flashlight will last for around 40 hours. When it’s not being used, the device will keep its charge for at least 6 months approximately.

Do you have to replace the batteries? No, the batteries are built into the Illuminova device and are engineered to withstand the LED lifespan of 50,000+ hours!

How far does the flashlight reach? They can reach up to 125 Meters / 410 Feet in length.

Are there different functions on the Illuminova flashlights?

Yes, the mode functions are:

Momentary ON - Press and hold on (High), release to turn off.

Constant ON - Double click on (memorized mode)

Switch mode - Single Click on to cycle thru low / med / high / ultra

Turn Off - Press and hold for 0.3 seconds.

My flashlight gets warm/hot. Is this normal? The lens on the Illuminova flashlight will get warm when used on ultra-brightness mode. Our flashlights are small form factor flashlights that don't have any advanced cooling system etc. This is normal and by design.

What countries do you ship to? Currently the United States and Canada, with more to come!